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Deling Technology presented new products at the 31st Shanghai International Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment and Technology
        On November 15th, the 31st Shanghai International Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition (EP Shanghai), hosted by the China Electric Power Enterprise Federation and State Grid, opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Deling Technology participated in the EP Power Exhibition with several independently developed new products and intelligent electrical solutions.         At this EP Shanghai, Deling Technology showcased its latest independently developed products and intelligent industry solutions. Including low-voltage intelligent circuit breakers (primary and secondary separation) and low-voltage intelligent leakage protectors (primary and secondary separation), we also provide customers with high-value and intelligent industry solutions, including intelligent solutions for power grids, new energy, and other industries. During the exhibition, Deling Technology's related products and solutions received widespread attention from domestic and foreign merchants.        Over the past 20 years, Deling Technology has grown together with the power industry, gaining high trust and sustained support from its power colleagues. In the future, Deling Technology will continue to focus on the research and development of low-voltage intelligent circuit breaker products and solutions, making contributions to the construction of new power systems.
Transformation and Upgrading Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency 丨 The 9th Monthly Conference of the 2023 Wheim Alliance was successfully concluded-Deling Station
On May 31, 2023, the 9th Monthly Conference of the Wim Alliance in 2023- Deling Station, was grandly held in the beautiful Zhongyandang Mountain. mr. Song Jiaqi from Shande Enterprise and members of Wim Alliance entrepreneurs attended the meeting. The theme of the meeting was: How to achieve transformation and upgrading, reduce costs, and increase efficiency for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the new situation.At the beginning of the meeting, Qiu Jue, the HR and Administrative Director of Zhejiang Deling Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a welcoming speech and read out the agenda of the meeting. Subsequently, under the leadership of Huang Fengyong, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Deling Technology Co., Ltd., all attendees read out the oath of Wim Alliance.After an impassioned oath, Liu Xiaoqiu, the CFO of Zhejiang Deling Technology Co., Ltd., shared "Interpreting Financial Statements" with everyone. Mrs. Liu interpreted the financial data that entrepreneurs should focus on in management from multiple dimensions such as financial tools, reports, and cases. The on-site discussion and exchange atmosphere was lively, and the whole process of thinking collided, sharing a lot of constructive opinions.The theme of the meeting was: How to achieve transformation and upgrading, reduce costs, and increase efficiency for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the new situation.       Huang Fengyong, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Deling Technology Co., Ltd., brought a thematic discussion: transformation and upgrading, reducing costs, improving efficiency, facing the fierce domestic and international environment, complex and anxious industrial competition, how can enterprises break through the tight encirclement?      Ding Lingyun, General Manager of Nanhong Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd., stated that doing a good job in scientific cost reduction and continuous efficiency improvement is the most effective and direct measure to resist internal and external pressures and seek survival and development. We can combine the actual situation of the enterprise to reduce costs and increase efficiency through methods such as improving lean management and conducting scientific research. To make full use of resources, collect reasonable suggestions, implement small reforms, and other tools, so as to effectively implement innovation and cost reduction projects; We need to use refined management as a means to quantify cost control to various positions, so that benefits can be fully reflected in various links of supply, production, and sales, thereby promoting the healthy development of the enterprise and improving its efficiency. At the same time, members of the Weim Alliance enterprise should work together, develop together, and create a future together.Huang Fengyong, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Deling Technology Co., Ltd., stated that for manufacturing enterprises, the most important aspect of transformation and upgrading is that we need to have market acumen and increase our product research and development capabilities, continuously seeking the path of product innovation. Establishing a cost management system, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and seeking progress while maintaining stability are the core points of enterprise operation.Liu Dexian, General Manager of Jinlaile Electric Co., Ltd., stated that it is crucial for enterprises to transform. The most important thing in the transformation process is to connect the upstream and downstream links of the industrial chain, actively establish deep cooperative relationships with high-quality enterprises on the industrial chain, and increase their competitiveness through collaborative and win-win development, thereby promoting the transformation and development of the enterprise.Qian Yunlei, general manager of Haiyan Junction Box Company, said, grasp the internal potential, do a good job in the process of tracking, the implementation of form-based management, cascading decomposition of tasks and objectives, to ensure that the desired goals are met; and for the implementation of the implementation of the project is more difficult or unable to implement the implementation of the project, the implementation of dynamic management, continuous improvement, flexibility in the replacement, the negative benefits of the project in time to exit, the timely replenishment of the new project to ensure that the efforts of cost-cutting and efficiency gains and the task will not be reduced.The theme of the discussion session atmosphere is warm, everyone expressed their views, opened up the new situation of the electrical industry in the future of innovation and development of new ideas. Finally, Alibaba special lecturer, the founder of the good private lecture, practical operation expert Song Jiaqi teacher made a concluding statement, transformation and upgrading, cost reduction and efficiency is the road to enterprise development, the need for enterprises to continue to innovate and optimize. It is recommended to combine with their actual situation, adopt strategies and practices in line with the actual situation, and constantly challenge to open up new markets and opportunities.         Flag ceremony         After the theme discussion session, Liu Dexian, General Manager of Jinlaile Electric Co., Ltd., organized alliance members to review the new articles of association. The new round of flag awarding ceremony of Wim Alliance was completed between two member enterprises, Zhejiang Deling Technology Co., Ltd. and Haiyan Junction Box Company.     At this point, the 9th monthly conference of the Wims ended successfully in 2023.I wish the Wim Alliance in the future, co -creation, empowering the future, continuous progress in management, and rising performance step by step.Wheim Alliance Viewgrl group information.
2023 Semiannual Marketing Conference of Deling Technology Held
On July 29th,2023 Semiannual Marketing Conference of Deling Technology HeldThe meeting was chaired by Vice General Manager Zhou Qing, and attended by Vice General Manager of Sales Chen Shuhao, Chief Engineer and Marketing Director Chen Jianjing, and Director of Human Resources and Administration Qiu Jue. The meeting summarized and deployed the marketing situation in the first half of the year, the marketing work ideas and key tasks in the second half of the year. The meeting pointed out that in the first half of the year, sales performance did not achieve the predetermined goals, but achieved good results in team and organizational capacity building, key customer development, customer relationship management, business model innovation, and business process construction, laying the foundation for subsequent performance growth. In the second half of the year, the marketing system will be guided by the company's development strategy, in accordance with the requirements of specialization, professionalism, and team success, focusing on improving organizational capabilities, keeping an eye on annual goals without slackening, dividing responsibilities into groups, and decomposing indicators into individuals, promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of hard work and ensuring the achievement of established annual goals.At the meeting, each business manager and functional module leader gave a mid year report, and the company leaders objectively commented, affirmed their achievements, faced problems directly, and discussed countermeasures together.The conference also commended exemplary individual, and awarded the Best Performance Award, Best Progress Award, Sales Talent Award, Best Service Award, and Hardworking Bee Award. After the award ceremony, senior engineers shared professional knowledge related to intelligent distribution and product application in the new power system, and answered questions and doubts for frontline business personnel.
China Quality Certification Center (CQC) visited and guided Deling Technology
In the afternoon of March 22, 2023, Zheng Shiquan, Director of the Fifth Department of Product Certification of China Quality Certification Center (CQC), led a group of experts to visit our company.Deling Technology Vice Chairman Huang Fengyong warmly received the guests, production director Zhang Min introduced to the guests the development of Deling's overview and future development strategy, R & D and manufacturing, the company's new energy and intelligent power distribution and other professional areas of strategic layout.      Vice Chairman Huang Fengyong accompanied Zheng and his entourage visited the automated production workshop and assembly line, testing center, experts detailed understanding of Deling's product process, equipment transformation, technological improvements, etc., experts on the construction level of the testing center gave a high evaluation, and said that the CQC product certification five is willing to maintain a good relationship with Deling Technology product certification and other aspects of cooperation.This exchange allows Deling Technology to improve the quality of standardization of knowledge on how enterprises can better integrate into the development of the industry to provide new ideas, but also deepen the industry experts on the understanding of small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to broaden the future cooperation laid the foundation.
Happy International Women's Day!
Happy International Women's Day! May this Women's Day bring you all the love, happiness, and success you deserve. Happy International Women's Day to all the women who are breaking barriers and making history! Today, let's celebrate the beauty, grace, and strength of women all around the world.





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